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Over the years I have worked in environmental education, experiential education, alternative education, adult education, special education and finally, public education. My public school teaching experience is at the middle and elementary levels, first as a teacher, then as a math strategist and coach, and then again as a teacher. I currently teach Math and Science at Harrison Middle School in Yarmouth, Maine.

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James Gale

I love to teach, but even more than that I love to write, create, and find ways to solve problems. I believe teaching anything is an art form and should be a magical experience, full of joy and inspiration. The Unrealized Republic began as my attempt to sway the trends of my chosen profession away from the data-driven, value-added, and growth-obsessed mindset and toward a culture of innovation and excellence in the classroom. Today I write about more than that. Education impacts the whole world and every aspect of our future, but it is connected to everything we do, so these days the blog stretches beyond the realm of education.

When I am not working or blogging, I run, I read, and listen to music, and I play music.