Monthly Archives: September 2018

This is going to be a long day

When I’m about to head out on a long morning run, it is daunting, even slightly intimidating. Running is hard. I do not love it. If I’ve been sleeping, my forty-six year old body is stiff from hours of being horizontal and motionless, and at that hour, the thought of exercise just makes me want […]

Speaking of evidence

I’m going to put my educator’s hat on for a minute here. Actually, my educator’s hat is pretty much permanently affixed to my skull at this point, being that we just completed the first week of school and we educators have basically been eating, breathing and sleeping school-related everything since well before the doors opened […]

In the absence of evidence, seek evidence

During times when information is constantly called into question, deemed fake, deemed unreliable, not believed, debunked and discredited, the importance of seeking credible evidence to support our conclusions has never been more explicit. Often, we look to support a position with evidence, yet we find none. Keep searching; whether the evidence you seek supports your […]