Monthly Archives: January 2017

How Can You Possibly Think That?

There have been more occasions than I can count over the past 18 months that have left me asking the question, how is it possible someone can think such a thing? Many times I have gotten myself into an ugly argumentative quagmire when I confront the person or persons whom I am in grave disagreement […]

Everything You Know In Your Heart Is Wrong

Everything you know in your heart is wrong. That’s what I tell myself before I develop an opinion about something, because if my “heart” is the only place I seem to “know” it, then my “knowing” is based on emotion, hope, or a hunch, and not evidence. When I fail to seek convincing evidence to […]

Happy New Year! Now Let’s Get To Work

This is the first of many installments of The Unrealized Republic that will double as an open letter to elected officials here in Maine and across the country. I will write each blog post in 2017 as an open letter to an elected official or group of elected officials in an effort to help us, […]